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Update : 0.2!!!! BETA!
Owner/Developer flaberjake 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Jan 2014
Hey Guys your favorite developer here Flaberjake! & Today im discussing the second update of the offical Starwars Role Playing server! and here are the new updates!
Resource pack update!
Added more features to Stained Clay!
Changed a Sheep to a Bantha (Pending)
More bugs found & made..
Added more to Glass
Added more to wool
Added Better water & Lava Changes
Added Ewok Ladders
Server Updates*
Added more rooms to the Jedi temple
Sith temple has began construction
Fixed various Bugs & Glitches
Added more exciting things
Fixed Station Cash
Updated the reconmended resource pack to the recent starwarsRPG resource pack!
Pet preparations are coming!
C3-PO is fixed
YavanV & Kamino is added
added gunship teleportation in the docking bay
fixed mandalorian armor
Searching for ways to include the jetpack in starter mandalorian kit!
Reloacted some rooms
Added some rooms!
Working on temple plans
Working on Dorms
Working on Plots
Working on Nick Names
Added some Plugins
Added Hoe Guns!
Added some Sounds!

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